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Poem - Today
Micro Fiction - Broken on the Inside
Micro Fiction - 4:16 to Surrey
Micro Fiction - Forever Is An Awful Long Time
Poem - High School
Micro Fiction - Dying Flowers 1.0
Micro Fiction - Left Behind
Micro Fiction - No One Believed Me
Micro Fiction - Sell Your Soul
Micro Fiction - Names on the Sidewalk
Poem - Vengeance/Regret
Micro Fiction - Ink Blots
Micro Fiction - Blank Stare
Micro Fiction - Tattoos
Micro Fiction - we sat together in silence
Micro Fiction - our wedding day


The Child
The Child Pt II
Goodbye Kisses & Bloodstained Hands 2.0
Tread Softly on the Sea of Time
How I Knew You a Tribute to Heath Ledger
And the Stars Will Sing
But I Love You
Not The Worst Day

The End

Short Story

Three Conversations on a Beach I | II | III
Summary: Three conversations Sakura & Brooklyn have that take place on a beach. Sequel/Continuation/ReVamp to A Conversation on the Beach

Tale of Two Brothers
Summary: How people came to be.
Word Count: 701

Boys, Like You
Summary: The boys your mother told you about are nothing like she said.
Word Count: 1,394

Here Lies Madness
Summary: It is only so long you can look at possibilities before you start losing your mind.
Word Count: 581

A Day In Which Nothing Of Consequence Occurs | A Magical Space Adventure Story
Summary: Abigail wakes up, takes a shower, checks her mail, and faints. Pretty boring day all in all.
Word Count: 1,415

A Life A Little More Ordinary | Make Me Forget The World Story One
Summary: The aftermath of Thomas telling his parents about his relationship with Atla and Veronica.
Word Count: 527

Run, Baby, Run
Summary: A brief romantic interlude between William & Friday.
Word Count: 2,311

Darker Days Part 1|Part 2
Summary: Adam is losing control of his telepathic and gaining other powers and Ceres is charged with bringing him to heel. He was given universe and all he wanted was silence. Written For: kink_bigbang
Word Count: 13,630

we were like children, learning to stand I | II | III | IV
Summary: Because no matter how grown they got they were still just children when it came down to it.
"Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes, they forgive them" - Oscar Wilde
Word Count: 6,546

Four Ways Sakura Could Have Met Brooklyn (Plus One Way She Did) i | ii | iii | iv | v
Summary: Four ways Sakura could have met Brooklyn during the course of her life. Plus how she actually did met Brooklyn.
Word Count: N/A

Everything In A Moment
Summary: Flashes of instances in Sakura's life.
Word Count: 1,231
Five Time Brooklyn Never Told Sakura He Loved Her
Summary: Brooklyn didn't know what to say so he did what he always did when Sakura confused him, he kissed her.
Word Count: 895

Summary: Brooklyn thinks about what he wanted in life and what he wants in life now.
Word Count: 468

Nice Isn't Always Good Enough
A Mask Of Forever Short Story

Maxwell Charm: A Mask Of Forever Short Stoy


A Little Help From A Friend - xover Joan of Arcadia, Supernatural, Criminal Minds
Summary: Everyone needs a little help from time to time. In this case the Winchester boys find help in their search for God the Winchesters find him in the most unusually normal place, Arcadia Maryland. Written for sncross_bigbang
Word Count: 18,860

Counting Time - Heroes (Claire/Peter, Peter/Adam)
Summary: Its been years - more than he counts - and Adams the only one left now. Spoilers for 2x11
Word count: 1,170

Hiding In The Closet - The Covenant (Reid Garwin/Tyler Simms)
Summary: Written for rounds_of_kink.
Word Count: 2,938

Family Lines - - The Covenant (Reid Garwin/Tyler Simms)
Summary: Written for rounds_of_kink
Word Count: 623
Also posted here


Dialogue Only - A Conversation on the Beach
Script - Confession is Good for the Soul
Essay - Everything In Between
Essay - Causality Vs. Free Will MacBeth

Kink Big Bang - Art - Suit & Pen by crescent_gaia
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Title: The Suit and the Pen
Author: crescent_gaia
Fandom: Suits and Castle
Pairing: Harvey Specter / Richard Castle, Mike Ross / Rachel Zane
Rating: PG-13 with NC-17 in spots
Summary: A sequel to Noise - With Castle's life spinning apart if he doesn't make a decision on writing the next Nikki Heat book, Harvey comes in and picks up the pieces.
Warnings: Sex, bondage, blow job in a upscale taxi. Spoilers for all of season 1 of Suits and up to the end of season 3 of Castle. Also huge spoilers for Heat Rises, a tie in book to the Castle series.
Artist's Note: Because I fail in all ways at ever being on time to do anything.



Dream big or go home?
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I want to make a documentary about fandom. There I said it. I've been thinking it on and off again for like the last 5 years to some extent but I'm 100% serious about this. I broke out a new moleskin and everything. I want do this for a whole ton of reasons but most importantly because fandom is suddenly becoming this main stream sort of KNOWN thing and I want to do a documentary about fandom from the point of view of someone who's in fandom as oppose to someone coming in and going (hypothetically) "I want to tell these weird peoples story cause this is funny" etc.

I just have no idea how to go about doing this. Partly because I'm really a baby in terms of fandom age but also because I'm such a lurker I don't even know who really to talk to or how to get in contact with people.

This needs to happen though. This is going to be my 2013 goal. Who's with me?

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LJ Is Alive!
A Multifandom LiveJournal Friending Meme
Tumblr is great, but my fandom heart is in LJ.

Art - Put Your Funderwear On - The Fast & The Furious/Transformers
tF&tF: Key Exchange Bri/Dom
Title: Put Your Funderwear On

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Rating: PG-15; het and slash

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not.

SummaryIt had been two years since Toretto and O'Conner had left him laughing in their dust. It was about damned time someone gave him an answer.17,500 words.

Warnings: Language, minimal canon-typical violence

Notes: Set post-Fast Five, in an ongoing crossover fusion with the Transformers live-action movies; overlaps with the beginning of an AU Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. A few minor details (Carrera, most of the Simmons family tree) were borrowed from licensed tie-in material.

Acknowledgements: Submitted as part of the 2012 Crossover Big Bang challenge. Many thanks to firefox1490 for fabulous work as my artist, and to hiddencait for incisive beta work. This story would not be the same without y'all!

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Art - never a breath you can afford to waste - The Social Network/Criminal Minds
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Title: never a breath you can afford to waste
Author: kisforkurama
Artist: firefox1490
Crossover: The Social Network/Criminial Minds
Type: I guess you could call it slash.
Rating: R, of the Kings Speech variety.
Word Count: 15445
Characters/Pairings: Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin; characters mostly localised to Mark, Eduardo, Spencer Reid, and Derek Morgan.
Warnings: Violence of the crime drama variety, character with PTSD. Most of the rating actually comes from multiple instances of the word fuck.
Spoilers: Probably don't read if you've never seen The Social Network and you care about spoilers. There are no technical spoilers for Criminal Minds beyond the cast being a thing that exists.
"Is there anything you need to tell me?"

Only, as it turns out, there are a lot of things Mark needs to tell Eduardo. Among those are the following: he once hacked into the government, the BAU is kind of like his second family, he's under FBI protection, someone is after him, Eduardo is probably in danger, and oh yeah. He's utterly in love with Eduardo.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to firefox1490 for being an awesome artist and tehcrzy1 for being an awesome editor. See masterpost for full notes.

Master Post for Fic | LJ | DW
Alternative Art Post | AO3

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Art - How I Spent My Summer Vacation (And Other Myths) - Mixtape & Poster
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Title: How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Other Myths
Author: scarletjedi
Artist: firefox1490
Fandom: Glee/Supernatural Crossover
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Type: Slash, Situational Het
Characters: Kurt, Puck, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, Bobby, Sheriff Mills, Crowley
Pairings: Destiel, Sabriel, Puckurt
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, occasional genderswap (Gabriel), Supernatural AU season 7, Glee AU season 3
Notes: So for some crazy reason my brain can no longer remember I totally forgot about Gabriel in making the covers and mixtape. I remember thinking oh yeah I need to find a Gabriel picture and a girl!Gabriel picture to use then I FORGOT. Idk what my brain was on but yeah he's missing and I'm sorry but I swear he's in the fic. But yeah, my bad.
Summary: For the summer after Junior year, Puck and Kurt are sent to Souix Falls, Puck to his mother's cousin, Sheriff Mills, as punishment for his stint in Juvie in hopes that she will "set him straight," and Kurt to escape the Hockey Team's violence and to learn to Hunt like his mother from his Uncle Bobby. They meet at Singer Salvage, where they're both surprised, yet very pleased, to find a familiar face. A few days later a black impala drives up with two bloody Winchesters and an injured Angel. Then all Hell breaks loose....

 Fic Master Post
 Art AO3 Post


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Harry Potter and the Oscars - My Two Cents
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I don't know why but I'm going to through my movie making two cent in here.

Harry Potter and the Oscars - My Two CentsCollapse )

Anyway, the Academy Awards aren't really about the people. That's why its the Academy Awards not the People's Choice Awards. Its not about what PEOPLE think should win but what the Academy - a collective group of their peers - thinks deserves recognition and praise. Which is what counts. Because they have a set of criteria that shows what make people good at their jobs and the people don't know what that is. And I know people are all like but I'm the one watching the movie I know whats good or not, yeah know liked something but from a professional stand point thats about the same as showing you're art work in class and either people like it or hate it, that's all opinion. Thats why your teachers/boss/etc has a list of criteria on how to grade you if you did well or not. They have history, knowledge, experience to judge you on. Which may or may not be a good thing but its there and its better than nothing. 
*kanye shrug*

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